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The Mary Anderson Center
Residency Application Process

Residency Fees:
Nightly cost for a resident is $60. That covers a private room, three meals and, in the case of visual artists, studio space.

For those applicants seeking financial support, MACA offers two possibilities:

During the fall and winter, the Center offers fellowships for writers, musicians and visual artists.

Currently offered:

Mary Foote Fellowship for a visual artist. Deadline: Jan 1, 2007 [10 nights, $200 stipend, complete by June 30, 2007]

Dorothy Norton Clay Fellowship(2) for writers. Deadline: Feb. 1, 2007 [10 nights, $200 stipend, complete by July 31, 2007

Ralph W Bourne, Jr Fellowship for a musician. Deadline: Feb. 15, 2007 [5 nights, $100 stipend, complete by Aug. 31, 2007
Henry Faurest Memorial Fellowships for art educators (2). Deadline:Feb. 15, 2007
[ 10 night fellowships for an art educator teaching in the K-12 area; and an art educator, 55 and up, who is retired or still teaching K-12, college level or part-time art classes] $200 stipend, complete by August 31, 2007.
2006 Fellows
Bonnie Rough, Minneapolis, MN and Stephanie Allen, Breenbelt, MD (Dorothy Norton Clay Fellowships
Hilda Demsky, NYC(retired) and Sandy Sasso (art educator), Murray, KY (Henry Faurest Memorial Fellowships

CLICK HERE to open an application in Adobe Acrobat format.

Get Acrobat Reader here.

Work Exchange Grants:
Work exchange assistance may be available on an as needed basis to those who qualify. Work exchange grants require assisting in the operation of MACA. Work exchange residents are expected to assist 20 hours a week - duties vary.

Payment Arrangements:
A deposit of 20% of your total residency cost is required 30 days prior to the beginning of your stay. For residents whose stays are scheduled with less than 30 days notice, deposits are due immediately upon scheduling. Until deposits are received reservations are not guaranteed.

Refund Policy:
Deposits and application fees are nonrefundable and non-transferable. Other fees may be refunded only with 30 days prior written notice. Payments for scheduled days are also non-transferable and non-refundable. Should a resident decide to leave earlier than scheduled, no refunds will be made.

The Mary Anderson Center for the Arts, which is in Southern Indiana, is only 15 minutes from Louisville, Kentucky. If you will be arriving by plane in Louisville, please let us know your arrival and departure time and we will have you picked up.

CLICK HERE for printable directions in Adobe Acrobat format, or go to our contact page to view them.

Loftus House Living:
Upon your arrival, you will be assigned a bedroom in Loftus House. While every attempt is made to honor requests for specific rooms, no guarantee can be made. All residents share bathroom facilities. All Center facilities are non-smoking.

Breakfast is self-serve. Lunch and dinner can be taken at Mt. St. Francis Retreat Center, which is across the street, Monday through Friday. Meals on Saturday and Sunday are self-serve in Loftus.

While the Mary Anderson Center is your home away from home, it is also shared with other residents. Thus use the time to be creative and interact with artists from other areas. We do have a phone line which can be used for internet access on the second floor; residents are welcome to use their computers at the Center.

Spring and autumn are especially unpredictable seasons. It is not unusual for the temperature to climb into the 80s one day, only to plummet to the 40s the next. Summers tend to be hot and very humid. Winters are unpredictable, but generally the really cold weather doesn't start until January. Because the center is in the Knobs (hills) of Indiana, the area gets more snow and storms than Louisville.

Attire is casual. If you like to hike, wear walking shoes, socks and long pants since the woods is home to deer and thus, deer ticks (early spring throughout early fall). Chiggers are also prevalent. Bring insect repellant.

Downloadable Residency Application

CLICK HERE to download the complete application for residency.

CLICK HERE to download our Payment Policies.

Get Acrobat Reader here.


"Wonderful day. Slept watchless, weightless ... woke early, made breakfast, tromped through snow drifts to the studio. The tree outside my bedroom window was flocked white and outfitted with winter birds - nuthatch, chickadee, junco. BLISS."
- Lois Main Templeton, painter, Indianapolis, IN

This activity is made possible in part
by the Indiana Arts Commission,
a state agency, with funds from
the Indiana General Assembly and
the National Endowment for the Arts.