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The Mary Anderson Center
Resident's Words

When I think that there exist people like you whose generosity allows a person such as myself the time to devote to my craft, I feel very lucky indeed. Hopefully, the work that I have begun at the Center will touch the lives of others as you have touched mine.

Molly Hoestra - Writer
Nashville, TN

Art happened, I got done what I needed to get done today.

Roger Mitchell - Writer
Bloomington, IN

I often struggle with a sense of "scatteredness" and my days at the Mary Anderson Center have provided me with peace, quiet and a clarity of focus that is like finding a safe shelter in the midst of a storm.

Jonathan Shippey - Composer
Louisville, KY

The mini-retreat was splendid - just what mind, body and spirit were desperately seeking prior to the anticipated insanity of the holidays.

Steve Crews - Musician
Louisville, KY

Coming back to the real world has been a surreal experience - I still awaken in the morning thinking I'll open my eyes and see my lovely room at the Center, that my computer and the novel contained within will call to me before any human voice. I got a tremendous amount of work done on my novel. More importantly, I got past the writer's block that had plagued me since my house fire a few months ago. I now know I will finish my book.

Susan Trudeau - Writer
Champaign, IL

"I couldn't be happier. Not only did I produce more work than I can handle, I am leaving here feeling the nerve endings in my fingertips."
- Mary Carothers, visual artist, Providence, RI

This activity is made possible in part
by the Indiana Arts Commission,
a state agency, with funds from
the Indiana General Assembly and
the National Endowment for the Arts.